Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ready for School

Heather wanted to grow her hair out and donate to locks of love, but it was just taking too long. She needed 2 or 3 more inches, but couldn't wait any more. After all, she starts Jr. High tomorrow. Everyone - including Heather - thinks it looks very cute!


Kathleen White said...

I love your hair! It looks so cute on you. Congratulations on being in Jr. High this year, hope you love it!

Cindy Quick said...

Heather - I'm glad you decided to join the short hair group!!! Looks so cute on you - it brought out your curl so cute!! Good luck with Jr. High - I can't believe you're already that old ? ! ! !
Love ya tonz!!

Tammy Mortensen said...

Wow, Wesley looks so much older and I love the hair on Heather. I'll have to come see you guys next week.