Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you Kat

My sister Kathleen put a nice little blurb on her blog about my daughter. Thanks Kat - that's sweet of you. If anyone want to click over, check out My Blogger Friends on the side, and click on Sister Kathleen.

We are so proud of you Amanda!


jen1313 said...

Congratulations Amanda! That's fabulous! Way to go good work!

Kathleen White said...

Congrats Amanda! I have admired your mom all these years for her hard work and now you are a Sterling Scholar too! You have achieved more that a huge majority of people who have gone to High School over the years - think of that! I admire you for your hard work and achievement now too.

Cindy Quick said...

Congratulations Amanda!! That is so cool! What a cute picture of you too! Wow I'm super impressed - what a great accomplishment!