Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Fun

What do you do for Spring Break? Go skiing of course.

The kids had never been skiing before (except for Amanda who went once when she was about 10). Can you belive that? Living in Utah - home of the greatest snow on earth. Skiing is free at Alta after 3:00 and we had half price ski rentals. It was a beautiful, warm day, and the kids had a blast.

Amanda, Wesley and Haylee were naturals.

Heather did well too, and got up everytime she fell. She didn't even fall once on the last run.


Kathleen White said...

How fun that looks (just not fun enough for me to try)! They even look like they are getting warm with coats hanging and around their waists. Hang in there Heather!

Rachelle said...

It looks like your family had a lot of fun! It even made me miss the snow (a little).

Tammy said...

The snow looks perfect and FREE? What a bargain. I wouldn't mind coming back home in the winter to let the kids have a try at skiing. Right now, they ride the snowboard down the grass hill - not the same I'm afraid. Troy's looking pretty thin in that wedding picture and what a great picture of mom swinging Quinn.

Cindy Quick said...

how fun is this!!! what a great idea - love it!! Going to have to plan one of these days for the boys sometime soon. very cool! I didn't see pam in those pictures - did you venture out too?