Friday, June 12, 2009

Look at all those A's

Have you ever seen anything like it? When I posted their grades at the beginning of the year, they said, "Mom, if we get all A's at end of the year, will you post it again?" How could I not keep my end of the bargain. I'm so proud of how hard they have worked.


Kathleen White said...

Wow! Your kids should be extremely proud of themselves - and good for you parents! Kids - keep up that fabulous work (and be glad you can get those kind of grades). I'm afraid that is something I will never see from my own kids (sniff).

Cindy Quick said...

Can you say - SHUT UP?!?!?!?!?!! That is so cool!! You all rock!! I can hardly believe it! That is the coolest thing ever. Not only did you get A's all stinking year long you all took HARD classes too!! That is TOTALLY awesome and something you should feel very excited and proud of - way to go!!