Thursday, August 27, 2009

First week of school

New school year, new schools, whole new world of parenting. Mandi started college at Utah State this week. It is so hard to have her "out of the nest" so to speak. Nothing has fully prepared me for this part of being a parent. We miss her a lot. Speaking of missing people. Quinton REALLY misses everyone while they are gone at school each day. It has been really strange for him to be home alone with Mommy. No one is around to go beg to for help when Mommy says no. Can you say temper tantrum? He certainly seems to have it mastered. I'm seeing little improvements though. Instead of just screaming NO WAY! he will eventually calm down and sob "kay"

Wes started at the new high school and is moaning about all the homework already. Heather and Haylee are doing well. Haylee says she is so glad to be back in school again so she's not bored all the time - except when she comes home.

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Kathleen White said...

Poor little guy. That's so cute that he misses the other kids so much. I sometimes with I could miss Jessica a little more :)