Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spotlight on Wes

Wesley's turn for the spotlight. Here he is dressed up and ready for the Ballroom Dance Team concert. He's a pretty good dancer, but a remarkably good performer. His grandparents were able to watch his concert - grandpa recorded it and said he'll have to show it when Wes gets married during the reception :)

His other notable thing to report - he just received his first scholarship! He was the recipient of the Energy Solutions Scholarship for his high school worth $2000. (This is a math, science and engineering scholarship - one per high school in Utah. Make sure your kids apply when they are sophomores!) Amanda received this when she was a sophomore too.


Amanda said...

nice hat. you look like a stud wes. :)

Cindy Quick said...

How cool is it that you have such a great talent - I secretly have always wanted to be a ballroom dancer. So I think it's awesome that you are doing this. I'm very impressed and think this is very cool!!

Kathleen White said...

Ballroom is so "in" now - you look very cool. Post the video!
Congrats on the scholarship - awesome!