Sunday, May 5, 2013

Missionary Update

So I've neglected our blog a bit.  Since I last posted, so much has happened.  We moved into our new home at the beginning of February.  Wesley did receive his mission call to Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I took pictures of our prediction map and of him opening his call.  Tragically, we had a problem with the iPad and we had to do a restore and the pictures disappeared.  I have been rather depressed about several things that were lost, but the loss of these pictures was the saddest.  But, it really is my own fault for not posting sooner and for not backing up the iPad like I should.

Time has flown by by so fast, and this week, on May 1, Wesley entered the MTC.  As tears flowed freely, and Quinton was concerned, I told him, "these are happy tears".  He replied, "they don't look like happy tears, Mom."  But truly, they were tears of joy.  We are so proud of our boy.  Here are the last couple of pictures we took before he was whisked away from the car and off for the next two years.  A great big thanks to family and friends who supported us at his "farewell" and have generously given suppot to wish him well.

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