Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

One of my favorite hobbies lately is digital scrapbooking. I've had a digital camera since 2002, and LOVE the digital medium. It took the industry a while to catch up, but now there a lots of cool new products to make completely digital scrapbook pages. I'm still learning how to put things together, and I have purchased a few things, but you can collect A LOT of free papers, templates, and digital elements from sites. I'll try to post a few links later on if anyone is interested. But, for now, one of my favorite sites for freebies is in the community area under challenges (there is a new freebie each week in each category, and best of all, there's a huge archive of past freebies - lots of other sites only have freebies for a limited time and then they expire). These are a few of my latest pages for Quinn.


Cindy Quick said...

What a darling Bug-a-Boo!! He is so cute!! Love him so much!!! I can't wait to check out this website - I'm so excited - you just motivated me to get some digital scrapbooks going again.
You have such a great eye for this sort of thing!!

Tammy Mortensen said...

I love the shutterfly site - so easy to use and totally worth not buying all the scrapbook stuff.