Monday, July 14, 2008

Senior Pictures

Amanda had her senior pictures taken today at the High School. (sidenote: I can't believe she is a senior - I am not old enough to have a child preparing to graduate) The experience was fun for her, until we saw that the cheapest package of pictures was $130! We go back next week to preview them and see if they are worth it. In the meantime, when we got home, we had some fun taking our own pictures just to see how they'd turn out. I told her if we got one or two good ones, we could just make our own prints, and save some money. Mandi was very patient with me while I tried to get all the camera settings right (we only took 131 pictures:-)). These are my favorites - she liked at least 40 of them, though, so I think we did great. I'll have her post her favorites tomorrow.


Cindy Quick said...

You did GREAT!!! It's hard to choose just one, so my favorite three are the one in blue shirt - top right of that collage, in red shirt top right & bottom right. What a beautiful girl you've become, Amanda - you are one hot momma!!

Phil said...

Cool blog. This will be a cool way to know what friend and family are up to.

Amanda looks very nice in her pictures. Seems like just yesterday that I was being introduced to the family by Jen and to her not yet teenager niece Amanda. Now we are all older. Time sure flies.

Looking forward to reading more blogs.


Tammy Mortensen said...

I love bangs on Amanda and the longer hair. I think the pictures look VERY professional - she looks great.