Monday, January 18, 2010

Quinton, where are you?

I haven't updated the blog with Christmas or anything for a while, but Troy made me document the event of today, so we could share. You see, it's a day off for everyone. Somehow we all assumed someone else was watching Quinn. When we noticed no one had seen him for a while, we went looking. He had been VERY busy in Mommy's office.

Thank goodness for washable markers! It could have been so much worse, but amazingly, it all came off of everthing (except the posterboard).


jen1313 said...

HOLY COW! That is amazing that everything came off. I'm so glad. How long had he been alone for?

Kathleen White said...

Oh no! I'm glad it was washable. I know exactly how you feel. At least you have a lot more people to consider are watching him. I had only me and Jeremy to blame one day when Melissa went on a similar rampage. Only Melissa used a black sharpie marker in my bedroom. Very little came off. My ironing board cover and my bed headboard are permanent reminders of what she did (I threw my sheets away).

Cindy Quick said...

holy cow!!! wowsers!! Hayden and Josh were little picasos in their room after we had been in our house for only 2 weeks. They used a wipe board marker. I freaked out a bit . . . . . ok A LOT until Jeff got it all off with alcohol.