Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spotlight on Haylee

It seems most of our posts are about Quinton, so we decided the other kids deserved equal time. Today is a spotlight on Haylee. First, here she is as Betsy Ross on "Famous Americans Day" at her school. She sewed the flag by herself (the stripes on the sewing machine, and the stars by hand).

Here is her science fair project. She did a group project and they took 2nd place at the school, and qualified in the district competition to move on to the state science fair at the University of Utah. They had an interesting project studying how color affects perception of flavor. When clear cherry Kool-aid was served, all but one student correctly identified the flavor. When different colors were added, the majority perceived flavors that correlated with the color of the Kool-aid. (One student even thought the yellow tasted like Banana).

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Amanda said...

Congratulations baby girl. Your Betsy Ross project looked really good, I'm sorry I couldn't stay and see it. Your science fair project looks really good too. Good luck in the further up competitions. :) Love ya all.