Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top 10 stories of how Wesley broke his wrist that are cooler than what REALLY happened.

10 - After beating the region champ at tennis, we got in a fight and he broke my arm to get even.

9 - Bear attack

8 - Saved a rabbid puppy from a tree

7 - Upset girlfriend turned into the Hulk and broke my arm

6 - Stopped a speeding car from racing through a crosswalk full of kindergarteners

5 - Saved a little girl from being eaten by a shark

4 - Rescued a little old lady from being mauled by a tiger

3 - CIA mission to Australia fighting mutant kangaroos

2 - Beating up 7 ninja's to save my baby brother

1 - Saved an injured baby bird while skydiving
Can you believe that breaking a little tiny wrist bone called the scaphoid would require a cast that extends above his elbow?  It needs to be completely immobilized.  At least he's having fun making up stories to tell everyone.

OK, Since you asked. He really broke it in a region tennis tournament going for a ball that ended up being out of bounds anyway, he fell back and broke the small bone in his wrist. He did win that set but eventually he lost the match.


Cindy Louhoo :) said...

Oh no!! Boo :( That's gotta be aggravating. But just think of all the cool signatures he's gonna get at the end of school year book/arm cast signing.

Hope it goes fast.

What's the real story then?

jen1313 said...

Now you've got me curious, I want to know the real story too!

Kathleen White said...

Soooo??? Are you going to tell how it really happened?
By the way, my condolences to Wesley. Funny, but it's only my girls who have broken bones. Odd, huh?