Saturday, July 16, 2011


The girls got to attend girl's camp in June.  Haylee was able to attend and had fun her first year.  Our stake theme was "The Time of Your Life" and our ward was the '80's decade.  Here they are modeling their 80's hairdo's.

Heather was asked to sing a solo for one of the devotionals.  It is a Jenny Phillips song called "Integrity"

At the beginning of July, we got to attend Youth Conference.  This has been in prep for several months.  We registered and trained the youth to do family search indexing.  They challenged the wards and the individual youth to do as many names as they could and the winners would be rewarded at youth conference.  Our ward ended up in 2nd place overall indexing/arbitrating 22815 names.  Heather individually took 2nd place overall doing 12251 names.  For her reward, she got to throw a pie at one of the stake leaders.

We went to USU for the rest of the youth conference, and the kids had a blast doing the service project.  They assembled and finished (oiled) wooden cars. 1200 cars were completed.


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