Friday, January 20, 2012

Hyer Family update

We did get Christmas cards mailed this year, but didn't include a traditional Christmas letter.  No one wanted to write it and all claimed to have nothing to say.  So here's a brief update about what our family has been up to.

TROY - still working hard, still the Gospel Doctrine teacher, finally retired his PALM and upgraded to an IPOD touch
PAM - still teaching (preschool☺, AND now teaching in the computer lab once a week at the elementary), still YW President, still trying to find extra time in the day
AMANDA - still at college, still studying hard, just 2 semesters to go
WESLEY - severe case of senioritis, Math Sterling Scholar, still trying to choose a college
HEATHER - still learning to drive, still counting down the days 'till age 16, FINALLY got her braces off (picture was taken just before this eventful milestone)
HAYLEE - still playing the flute and the piano, loving Junior High, FINALLY joined the teenage ranks and coming to YW
QUINTON - still superhero obsessed, still keeping us on our toes, loving attending preschool (he thinks it's fun to call his mom "Miss Pam")

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