Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation Day is finally here

We had two graduates this past week.  Wesley graduated from high school.  He thought it would never come to an end, but it finally happened.  He just missed Valedictorian and Salutatorian being ranked third in his class. He was however quite decked out with a lot of "bling" for all his accomplishments.  The silver gown is for earning an honor's diploma (only 6 in his class completed these requirements), the silver sash for being Math Sterling Scholar, and the cords are gold - high honor roll, sage - two diploma enrichments in math and science, maroon - completing the engineering tech pathway, red - donating blood at least 3 times.  He also had a medal for being academic all-state for tennis and a medal for being a regents scholar.  We are of course very proud. He has worked so hard.  He will attend BYU this coming fall and has 4 small scholarships to help out.

When Wes was all dressed up, Quinton had to get his graduation cap on and pose too.  He graduated from preschool.  He was not exactly what you would consider the top of the class being the youngest.  He pretty much embarrassed Mom and Dad by rolling around on the floor the whole time.  Oh well, we hope twelve more years of school will work out well for him.


Kathleen White said...

That is so great - congrats to Wesley - what a dedicated student. Reminds me of his mother in that. Quin makes an awfully cute little graduate too.

Cindy Louhoo :) said...

Fun - two handsome boys! Congratulations Wes and Quin :D