Wednesday, December 19, 2012

House Update

The house is progressing so nicely.  Shingles were put on and window installed December 1, and that night it rained.  To me it was a minor miracle to have been able to get the house completely closed in before it was exposed to any precipitation.

These first weeks of December, things are going on like crazy inside.  Insulation was blown into the walls, then drywall went up.  The outside is being prepped for stucco.  Dec. 12, this is how things look -

I really like the arches - so cool.

Last week, they finished with the mudding/texturing inside and did the stucco and stone work on the outside. Since it has been super cold, the house is draped while they do the exterior.  Haylee affectionately calls it the "ghost house" right now.

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Kathleen White said...

The speed at which they can build a house is amazing! We just started requiring all houses to be tented for pre-stucco inspections because some contractors weren't doing it. Glad your contractor is on the ball!