Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

We have not sent out Christmas cards this year. It is strange to just be in a temporary situation - and know this will not be our permanent address.  But, we do want to do a brief update.

Of course we moved from Tooele this year and are building a home in north Orem.  It should be finished in late January.  Though we are NOT looking forward to the process of moving again, we are really looking forward to moving into our new home and actually unpacking.  We only unpacked the necessities here, but inevitably, we are down in the basement or garage searching for the box that has ... (fill in the blank)  When we move in, we'll send out cards to share our new address.

The kids are adjusting to their new schools, and so far we are happy with the programs and teachers and new friends they are making.  Heather is in two choirs and loving it.  She also made the Pro-Start chef team and will be competing in February.  Haylee is in the advanced choir and in band.  She also enjoyed ball room dance this term too.  They do have real classes too (Heather has 2 AP classes and they both have honors core classes), but they love the arts and the opportunities they have had here.

Quinton is ANXIOUS to move so he will have friends nearby.  Right now, there are no small children to play with, but there are about a dozen in his Primary class in the new ward.  He is doing online preschool called "Upstart" through the Waterford Institute.  He is learning a ton and can read at a mid Kindergarten level.  I have been impressed with the quality of the academics of the program (this coming from a 15 year preschool teacher).  It is very developmentally appropriate (even if it is a bit repetitive), entertaining, and engaging.  A lot of music is incorporated to reinforce skills.  We have been supplementing it a bit and participating in the amazing library story times here.  He misses his friends, but has adapted to all the changes remarkably well.

Amanda reached a major milestone and has completed her degree from USU.  She was blessed with a great internship for the last six months as a technical writer and intellectual property specialist for the church.  Now she is looking for a new job in the "real world".

Wes started his Freshman year at BYU and has LOVED it.  He is studying mechanical engineering, but is contemplating other majors too (this one is HARD).  He has his mission papers completed and will submit them this week.  He hopes to leave early in the summer after he finishes winter term.  We'll update you all when he gets his call - feel free to leave your best predictions/guesses of where he'll be sent in the comments below.

Troy is still working hard at UDOT, and missing his calling as Gospel Doctrine Teacher.  I (Pam) enthusiastically accepted a call in our new ward as the Primary Chorister (a calling she held for a only couple of months before we moved.)  It feels like a tender mercy from the Lord as this is absolutely the BEST calling in all of the church.  It has been strange to not teach preschool this year and I do miss it more than I thought I would.  I have been teaching computer classes at the Provo Senior Center, and just got hired at Sylvan Learning.  I also just completed all of the points I need to renew my teaching certification and am in the process of getting my license.

We do miss running in to people we know and still feel a bit insecure with all the changes of this year and those still to come.  But, we know change is the way we grow.  We are grateful for the support and love of our friends and family.