Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bet you would have NEVER guessed

Well, here is another entry about Wesley. We have a new high school opening next year that Wesley will get to attend. He tried out for one of the teams and he is SOOO excited because he made it. Bet you will NEVER guess what team it is. They didn't even have this class in high school when I was a teenager, let alone a team. Drum roll please...........Wesley is an official memeber of the Stansbury High Ballroom Dance Team (and no every boy that tried out did not make it - it was VERY competitive) They learned two choreographed dances, complete with tricks, lifts, dips etc. He even practiced with his mom (who by the way took two semesters of dance in college, thank you very much), but he wouldn't do the lifts with me, sheesh.

He took social dance this last semester, and he just had his final dance concert. Can you believe there were 4 full classes of kids? Who knew? At the end, they had to take someone from the audience and teach them a dance. Here are a few shots - blurry because they are taken with the camera phone. He's a pretty good dancer too - I'd say the best boy in his class. We were impressed.


Kathleen White said...

That is so awesome! I took ballroom in college too. Back then it wasn't as popular as it is now - maybe thanks to "Dancing with the Stars." Congratulations Wesley (and keep up the good work)!

jen1313 said...

That is awesome! I loved ballroom dance. He'll be loved by the girls for this. Way to go WES!

Cindy Quick said...

wow!! would have never guessed that one - that is really cool!!