Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Spring

I love the springtime. It's so uplifting when the bulbs put on their beautiful show. I only wish they would last a little longer. For an early Mother's Day present, we got this cute little bridge. Quinn, of course, feels it is just right for him.

Sadly, one morning last week, we had some tulip vandals. It was very distressing to be greeted with dozens of decapitated flowers. They destroyed everything in the front corner of the yard. Several homes on our street were hit - probably over a hundred flowers destroyed. All we could do was bring them in and try to enjoy them for a couple of days in the house.


Kathleen White said...

What a beautiful yard - you've done a great job. Sad about the vandalism, but what a great response to it!

jen1313 said...

So sad that someone would do that. What a lovely thing to enjoy inside though. You're yard does look great and the bridge is a fun accent to your yard.